Frequently asked questions


What are flashcards?

Usually flashcards are small pieces of paper with questions at their front sides and answers on the other side. Flashcards are used for studying some educational material, e.g. foreign words. The learning process is performed by looking through a set of cards on a daily basis. Fresh Memory utilizes the concept of flashcards to provide their computerized version. A computer application removes the need of producing the flashcards in real but instead provides a possibility to merely type them in to a file.

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Software libraries

What is QT?

QT is a cross-platform toolkit for C++ programming. It provides both a comprehensive framework for graphical interface development and the general utility classes like lists, queues, etc. Due to the uniform QT nature, the applications can be compiled for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Fresh Memory uses QT for its GUI and generic classes functionality.

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What is MinGW?

MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) is a set of libraries and tools that allows developing applications with the free and open-source GNU utilities on Windows. Windows version of Fresh Memory uses a small run-time MinGW dll that resides in the same archive as the binary itself.

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